TechniVerse-2K24 an exciting convergence of innovation, expertise, and collaboration in the realm of technology . TechniVerse offers an utopia where students immerse themselves in trending technology,build network with peers and gain industrial knowledge Our event serves as a platform for enthusiasts to exchange ideas and bring up new advancements in current technology . We are dedicated to provide hand on experience for highly demanded workshops and guest lectures. We are committed to enrich the development and advancement of talent within the youth through blend of both technical and non technical events.Our aim is not only enriching student skills but also empowering and encouraging them and making them outstand in this ever evolving world. Join us in TechniVerse-2K24 ,an unbound voyage into the technical world.



Join us for an immersive workshop where you'll learn to build cutting-edge applications! Dive into Natural Language Processing (NLP) basics, master Large Language Models (LLMs), and develop both a movie recommendation system and a PDF query application. With hands-on guidance and expert insights, unlock the potential of LLMs to revolutionize your projects. Don't miss this opportunity to advance your skills and create innovative applications!

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Drone Surveying

Join our drone surveying workshop and explore the exciting world of drone technology! Learn how drones are revolutionizing various industries, from delivery services to emergency response. Gain hands-on experience with flying drones and discover their potential applications in a fun and interactive environment. Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, this workshop will provide valuable insights and skills to navigate the future of drone serving.

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EV vehicles

Join us for our EV vehicles Workshop!
In this workshop, you'll discover how EV Vehicles advaces it's Technology:
• Introduction to EV vehicles
• EV Components and Technology and charging infrastructure
• Environmental Impact
• Hands-on Activities or Demonstrations
Q&A Session

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Do want to build an integrated circuit? then set ready to enter the world of microelectronics with our workshop on VLSI .Reserve your spot today for an incredible hands-on experience at our workshop

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Hey champs lets infuse the TECH and SOFTWARE to create delusional artifacts
Grab this oppurtunity and enroll into the techinverse of knowledge
• Understand the working principle of 3D printers
• Apply design considerations for developing a CAD model
• Prepare data (Orientation, Slicing, Selecting process parameters)for 3D printing
• Understand how to print a part and calibrate the machine

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Discovering Drone Technology

Discovering Drone Innovations: An immersive program covering drone fundamentals, from design to piloting. Participants explore construction, calibration, and problem-solving, gaining practical skills and deep understanding of drone technology. It's not just about flying drones; it's about mastering their technology and unlocking endless possibilities.

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